If you need help navigating the waters of a corporate career, we can help.  All too often, you learn about what's not working too late to make meaningful change.  The feed back makes no sense and is vague at best.  We can give you the career feedback you need for success in your current job anddetermine where you should be driving your career to obtain true job satisfaction.


Finding the right career today is more important than ever. Success in any field depends on whether you have the skills, abilities and interests that best fit the requirements of an occupation. Trusty Assessment Systems provide an in-depth assessment of the total person and match that to professions where the individual can best expect to be successful. Whether you are just beginning your career or are looking for a more rewarding job, our system can get you on the right track.

Career Planning for Professionals

Most people end up in jobs more as a result of a series of unplanned events than because of a targeted approach to find work that allows them to do what they are meant to do, i.e., what comes naturally for them and what they excel at. Trusty Assessment Systems provides assessment instruments to help professionals target their career paths to match who they really are and where they can be most successful.

Career Planning for Students

Far too many students today still choose a college and a curriculum based on where most of their friends are going or where they will have the most fun. Research shows that less than 60% of all students graduate within 6 years of when they start college, and the primary reason is that they switch majors or change their degree plan. Changes are quite costly, both in terms of the cost of tuition and the loss of career focus. Studies have proven that the most successful people are those who find work that is most aligned with their skills, personality traits and occuptional interests. Trusty Assessment Systems works with students to show them how their skills, abilities and interests compare to successful individuals in a variety of professions. In doing so, they can leverage this information to pick a profession and a field of study.