We provide a comprehensive set of employee assessment tools that assist you in the selection, motivation and retention of a high performance workforce.  Our assessment process provides an added dimension to the skills and abilities you already have as a leader and manager.  The Assessments provide critical information to help you effectively select employees and then coach, mentor and develop them for superior results. 

Our selection of employee assessment tools includes:

  • Pre employment screening including integrity, work ethic and reliability
  • Employee recruitment, selection, training, coaching and development assessments
  • Sales recruitment and sales training
  • Customer service training, skill development and selection
  • Management leadership development and training
  • Employee personality assessment
  • Team building and analysis
  • 360 degree evaluation for employee performance reviews
  • Organizational 360 degree analysis

The use of employment assessments is essential for employers who:

  • want to put the right people into jobs
  • provide employees with effective training
  • coach managers to become more effective
  • promote people into positions where they will succeed.

Assessments are cost effective, easy to administer and provide valuable employee selection & development information  Jim Collins, author of the book "Good to Great" summarized how companies move from good to great when he said: "... Get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus..." Employee Assessments help companies move from good to great.

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