Kaye Trusty is a Senior Associate at High Plains Consulting Group. LLC

Kaye has a total of over 10 years experience in corporate recruiting and executive search research.  Kaye started her career in Education.  She then moved to the Corporate arena and spent several successful years in corporate recruitment and employment.  Later, she worked as a search researcher for a prominent International Search firm and also ran her own search research practice. Kaye's most recent experience includes owning her own small business in Colorado which she operated for several years.

Kaye received her Bachelors degree from Northern Illinois University where she also did graduate study.

Kaye has in depth experience in Search Research, computer search techniques, and Corporate Employment processes.  As a small business owner, she gained valuable insight and experience in all aspects of operating an entreprenurial enterprise. 

You can contact Kaye at:  kaye@highplainsconsulting.net